Saturday, May 8, 2010

Facing the Current Economic Depression

It seems like the economic depression that we are in is starting to get rolling along at an increased pace at this time. By mid summer it should be more obvious to a lot more people and by late fall be in full swing.

I, like a lot of ordinary folks, have not been able to prepare as well as I would like but am trying to make plans to do more as time and resources allow. I want to be sure to put our very limited funds into what will be most beneficial to the family here. Never knowing the exact nature of circumstances, full preparation is hard, if not impossible but I would like to cover the basics as a review due to the shortness of time, which is upon us.

Canned food is cheap and convenient but try to select food with a high protein content since other sources may be difficult to get. Canned meats will be the best but beans and peanut butter are also good. However, they should be combined with bread or a grain to form a complete protein that can be fully utilized by the body. Dried beans, peas, etc. are also economical but will require water, fire and time to be prepared.

Flour can be used to make pan bread. Whole wheat is good for nutrition if tolerable. Although you will also need water and fire, it only will take a few minutes to fry up if you have some oil and a pan. Just mix with water to a consistency of a thick liquid and pour into a heated pan with a small amount of oil and flip half way through.

It might be a good idea to have extra vitamins to supplement what might be a limited variety of foods available.

If you have a well you may be better off but a good filter should also be on hand. There are ways to purify water with bleach, iodine and even the sun so you may want to google and write down instructions for this. And don't forget to have plenty of stored water as a backup.

Propane heaters and extra tanks can come in handy for short term heating but replacement fuel may not be available so, if you are near wooded areas, a wood stove may be your best option for staying warm. Solar, pellet stoves with plenty of extra fuel and other's may also be options although expensive. To save fuel, block off a small section of your living quarters and only heat that area.

A wind up radio may serve as a source of information and be cheaper in the long run than batteries if we get cut off from power. Candles and oil lamps may be your only light source but also have some flashlights, either the self powered type or with extra batteries on hand.

There are many other items that can come in very handy such as tin foil, tarps, garbage bags, tools, etc. and don't forget to get your garden started for the most economical and healthy foods. (Have canning supplies for long term storage of your crops.) And don't forget the medical supplies. Get some survival books or print off material from the Internet and get other ideas for preparing from those.

Bugging out, or fleeing your home, may be necessary so have a gassed up vehicle, supplies and a place to go planned out. Now get going and good luck.

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